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    I was tagged by https://beccablogsitout.com/ to answer 73 questions about me, based on the Vogue 73 questions video interview series. So, if you want to know all about me grab a coffee and have a read. 1. What is your usual Starbuck’s order? Flat White. 2. What does your workstation look like right now? Tidy ish lol 3. All-time favourite food? crispy chilli chicken pitta pocket. 4. Favourite author? Dont have one. 5. What do you think of open relationships? Not for me. 6. Favourite video game? Sonic 7. Guilty pleasure treat? Hunky Dorys crisps, has to be buffalo flavour, yum! 8. Favourite film? I don’t think I have one. I don’t…

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    Spring/Summer Outfits

    Hi Guys, Want some spring/summer outfits check out my style boards below. This is the first series but hopefully you all enjoy this an we can have some more outfit ideas really soon. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but summer and better weather should be coming really soon. This means nice outfits, bright colors and getting more creative with our clothes (also not having to be weighed down with so many layers like we do in the colder months). Styleboard one This collection is all Boohoo and is from the curve collection. Left to Right – Plunge V Neck Lace Bodysuit Leopard Revere Collar Button Blouse Plus Kimono…

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    I hope you all had a wonderful new year and enjoying January so far. I decided to answer these January tag questions below on the blog tag. Happy new year! How did you welcome the year in? We never really make a fuss on New Year’s Eve.  We mostly bring in the new year at home watching the fireworks and eating some goodies.  Did you make any new year’s resolutions? Share them! Not really, I usually do the near years healthy eating and get fit resolution, but I feel when you do them as a new year’s resolutions you never really stick to them (or at least I don’t lol). …

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    The October Tag

      The October Tag   NAME? Emma Louise   WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR? Purple   WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY? Today I went to Coleraine with my mum and went into b&m.   WHERE ARE YOU CURRENTLY? In my office   WHAT IS YOUR STAR SIGN? Gemini    CAKE OR ICE CREAM? Depends on the cake lol    A NIGHT IN OR A NIGHT OUT? I do like nights in but I also love to get dressed up.   HOME COOKED MEAL OR TAKEAWAY? Takeaway, it means I have a night off from cooking!   PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA OR NO PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA? No Pineapple    BOOKS OR FILMS?…

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    Winter Coat Inspiration

      Winter Coat Inspiration I always think that your winter coat is the most important item in your wardrobe come winter.  This is the one piece of clothing that people will see as you walk through town or even on a night out, until you get into the restaurant bars etc.   I have picked out some of my favorite coats below.  You can click on the picture to be taken directly to the website.   The Michelle Keegan range is from Very.co.uk if you are not already a customer they do some great offers like 10% off your first order.               I hope…

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    Emi Jewellery Bracelet Set

        I was contacted by Emi jewellery and asked if I would like to collaborate with them.  I was very exited by this as I LOVE jewellery. There are lots of gorgeous pieces on the online shop.  The set I picked was from the love from Paris, it is so versatile as it can easily be stacked with other bracelets. Emi do affordable costume jewellery, I have picked out my top picks from the website below.  These would make amazing gifts for birthdays or Christmas.  I love the fact that these bracelets stretch therefore it means you don’t have to worry about them being too small or big when…

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    The Battle Of The Brows

    When it comes to brows I need all the help I can get!!!  I have been using lots of different brow products and pencils for years.  I decided I would share my best findings with you all.  Lets be honest eyebrows can completely change your look whether you are going for a soft everyday look or a glam evening look.     Nyx Micro Brow Pencil – My absolute favourite product is this micro brow pencil by NYX.  As it has a fine point it means you can be very precise where the product is applied.  Its more of a soft cream texture not like the normal pencils.  I find…

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    Valentines Day

    We all want to mark that special day with our loved one, whether it is valentines day, anniversary or just a date night. Sometimes the problem is limited funds or just not knowing what to do to make it special.  We all know that things can be double the price when it comes to valentines day eating out etc.   It doesn’t always have to be spending lots of money to make it a special day.  I thought I would put together some simple ideas of ways to make it special.   Hope you have a lovely evening whatever you decide to do.   Happy Valentines day xx

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    DIY Ring light for under £20

    Anyone who takes pictures weather it be with their smartphone, camera, etc will know how much the lightening can make a difference to getting that “perfect Pic”.   I looked online at ring lights which were about £80 without a stand, which for me at this time would be to much to invest.  I love to take pictures but often with my work schedule it can mean I would be taking them in the evening, so the natural light coming in is very minimal. I decided I would look on Amazon (where I seem to look for everything) and found some strip lighting, this was exactly what I was looking…

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    Vase with flower arrangement

      I was in Tesco in Antrim a couple of weeks back and noticed they had these pretty vases for £2, bargain! I bought the vase and a candle to fit inside but wanted to do more with it as you couldn’t really go wrong at that money.   I bought a couple of single stem flowers in poundland yesterday.  I sat down today and used some Epsom salts in the bottom as it was all I had available (I will see how they last but they can be easily changed).  The stones I had already sitting in a bowl and some shells I picked up at the beach. I…