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DIY Ring light for under £20

Anyone who takes pictures weather it be with their smartphone, camera, etc will know how much the lightening can make a difference to getting that “perfect Pic”.


I looked online at ring lights which were about £80 without a stand, which for me at this time would be to much to invest.  I love to take pictures but often with my work schedule it can mean I would be taking them in the evening, so the natural light coming in is very minimal.

I decided I would look on Amazon (where I seem to look for everything) and found some strip lighting, this was exactly what I was looking for.   For £12.79 I am sure I could set it up some way to work as a ring light.


I asked my other half to cut me out a round frame for it and he managed to do this from hardboard.  The strip light comes with a backing on it and if you peel this off it has a sticky adhesive so I was able to take my time and go around the circle cut out.  In places I did need to leave it raised up as the connection had to be left in one full strip to work.

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