Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Wide Plate Hair Straightener

HairI have thought about getting new straighteners for a while.  I have had GHD straighteners for about 10 years or so.  They just have lost a little heat which is to be expected as they lasted so well.  My hair is thick and is definitely frizz .  I do straiten my hair every other day so they get a lot of use.   When I looked online to see which straighteners I would get I noticed the wider plates.  I did not want to pay as much as what GHDS cost I wanted something about the £30-£40 mark.
I couldn’t really make up my mind which to go for, but one day when in Asda in Antrim I noticed they had some on offer.  The Nicky Clark hair therapy was exactly what I was looking for, they looked the perfect size for my mid length hair.
I could not wait to try these out the next day as I hoped there were exactly what i was looking for and the sure did meet my expectations.  I went from spending 30 minutes straightening to 10 minutes as I was able to to bigger sections at the time and they left my hair frizz free.  If anyone has thick or frizzy hair like mine I would definitely recommend investing in a wide plate hair straightener.  I think this is the first Nicky Clark item I have bought and I was very pleased with it.
This was my hair on the second day after I straightened it the day before so it lasted really well.  Usually my hair would either be greasy due to the product I normally have to used to get it smooth, or it would be frizzy if no products were used but this was all just done with the straightener as I wanted to get a good view of how they really were.

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