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    Samsung S8

    Received my Samsung S8 on pre order 20th April 2017. Truth be told I am a bit of, well ok a lot of, a gadget girl.  I had been using my fiances S7 edge as my previous samsung packed up.  I used this for 6 months.  I secretly kept checking for the next Samsung phone release knowing my contract was up for renewal in May.  I got an email about pre-ordering the Samsung S8 or S8+.  I spent a week or so convincing myself and well, I needed a new phone so my partner could have his back.  I ordered the S8 through mobiles.co.uk who were by far the cheapest.…

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    Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Wide Plate Hair Straightener

    HairI have thought about getting new straighteners for a while.  I have had GHD straighteners for about 10 years or so.  They just have lost a little heat which is to be expected as they lasted so well.  My hair is thick and is definitely frizz .  I do straiten my hair every other day so they get a lot of use.   When I looked online to see which straighteners I would get I noticed the wider plates.  I did not want to pay as much as what GHDS cost I wanted something about the £30-£40 mark. I couldn’t really make up my mind which to go for, but…

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    Hilton Hotel Templepatrick

      We decided that we wanted to have a relaxation day. I have seen some LivingSocial deals for the Hilton Templepatrick.  Unfortunately we had missed the deal but decided it looks lovely so we would give it a try.  My partner rang them to see if it was possible to book afternoon tea but they said unfortunately this has to be booked a week in advance.  We did not really mind about this as we would still go and have lunch and also use the health suite. The hotel was easy to find, with good parking facilities. We went into the lounge bar and got a nice table with a view…

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    Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Styler

    So this post is about the BaByliss big hair, from a hairdresser point of view.  Everyone thinks when you are a hairdresser that it should be easy for you to do your own hair but it’s not.  I decided to buy this when it first came out which I think must be about 6 years ago, wow. The first couple of times I used it I wasn’t too sure but I still do my hair with it now after all this time maybe twice or three times in the week. OK so let me tell you a bit about it.  When you start to use that I would recommend partly…

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    L’Oreal Professionnel Silver Shampoo

    I have used this shampoo on and off now for years.  After not using it for a while I decided I would try it again after colouring my hair to help with any brassy tones.  I found it was not as good as I hoped.  To be honest it never really toned my hair dramatically, but this time I noticed how dry it actually left my hair, probably because I have worked hard for the last year or so to try and get it into good condition.  It almost feels like is completely stripping any natural oil from your hair.  So having said that, it may be good for anyone…

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    New Look Make-Up

    Today I went into New look and spent some time looking at the make up items they have.  I have seen these before and seen a few people saying about them online. So I wanted to give them a try.  They offer 3 for 2 across all the cosmetic range.  I have made a list below of the items and colours I got.  I will be trying them all out this week, watch this space for my update.  Thanks for reading.   Refresh & Prep Spray £4.99 Super Matt Liquid Lipstick in the colour nude Pink £5.99 Super Matt Liquid Lipstick in the colour dark rose £5.99 Nail polish in…

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    Bbold smart mousse

    I love getting some fake tan on it always makes you feel so much better. This was my first time trying this tan. It is now one of my favourite tans. The foam is tinted, so goes on well, doesn’t take long to dry so it doesn’t stain your clothes. It doesn’t have any smell like others. And on the plus side it develops quickly and can be washed off after 3 hours. It looks nice and natural too.

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    Ecodenta Exta Black Whitening Toothpaste

    Just bringing you all a quick update of how I am finding Ecodenta Toothpaste.  I posted on Monday 2nd January to let you all know that I would be using this for 7 days instead of my regular toothpaste.  Today is day 5 of using this.   I have found this very good.  It does have a mint taste but not just as strong as regular toothpaste.  It is very black but don’t let the colour put you off.   I did not realise that my teeth were as stained as they show in the pictures but it definitely shows the difference between day 1 and today day 5.   I…

  • beauty

    Epsom Salt Detox Bath

    Epsom salt detox baths are a great way to relax, Detoxify and boost your immune system. I try to have a soak in Epsom salt baths twice a week. This is to draw out the toxins and lower stress levels. I use one cup of Epsom salts and some lavender oil and soak in the bath for 20 minutes. I find this so relaxing and really helps me to get a good night’s sleep too. I bought the Epsom salts in bulk from eBay in February 2016, it was a 25kg box and cost £16.95 and it has lasted to now, so definitely is worth the money. If anyone already…

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    Jimmy Choo Flash Perfume

    I have had this perfume since June this year and it is one of the nicest perfumes I have bought.  I don’t like anything to over powering and found the original Jimmy Choo to be a little stronger and more musky. This one is just perfect, like floral smells and feels very feminine.  I never get fed up of this. The scent lasts for around 5-6 hours, so would be perfect for evening wear too. I Would buy this perfume again, Supedrug seem to have it on offer regularly.  When I purchased it in June it was £26. And on the plus side the box is super sparkly 🙂 Thanks…