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Received my Samsung S8 on pre order 20th April 2017.IMG_1849.JPG
Truth be told I am a bit of, well ok a lot of, a gadget girl.  I had been using my fiances S7 edge as my previous samsung packed up.  I used this for 6 months.  I secretly kept checking for the next Samsung phone release knowing my contract was up for renewal in May.  I got an email about pre-ordering the Samsung S8 or S8+.  I spent a week or so convincing myself and well, I needed a new phone so my partner could have his back.  I ordered the S8 through who were by far the cheapest.  As it was pre order it arrived on 20th April.  First thoughts were this is smaller than the S7 edge.  When I actually held them together they were the same height but the width of the S8 was narrower, which is good for smaller hands.  I often found taking selfies especially were a tad awkward on the S7 edge.
I opted for the colour grey.  I love the massive 5.8inch display.  I have to admit that having no home key takes a bit of getting used to, I find myself pressing the buttons at the side just to light up the screen so I can then unlock it.  The Iris scanner is excellent, I do not keep this on all of the time but when I have tried it I have no problems.  Now moving on to Bixby, to be honest I have no idea what this is supposed to do but I don’t feel it helps whatsoever.
I am addicted to my smartphone, I never use my ipad or laptop on a daily basis as my phone can do everything I need to do, most of the time its much easier than starting up the laptop.  The camera is very similar to the quality of pictures on the S7 edge which also had a 12MP camera, although the front camera is much better at 8MP.  Resolution and focus have majorly improved. I think the apps have a better look of them too, it feels more like an Iphone than Samsung but its a really nice change. I have had this phone now for two weeks exactly, so far there have been two software updates come through which I have completed.  So this is a good sign too.
I would much rather have this than the S7 edge as with the edge I found it difficult to hold the handset without pressing the edges. The 64gb storage is a massive bonus for me, I do love to take pictures, screenshots and have music downloaded to my phone.   This phone comes with usb type C, which is supposed to be better but,  all of the chargers I have around my home and car are the USB type B so I needed to purchase a few extra usb cables.
I hope this review helps you decide if the Samsung S8 is for you.  Any questions or thoughts please feel free to comment below.
 Thank you for reading xxx

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  • Emily

    I love how positive this is! I have the S7 edge at the moment, I got it when it just came out but this sounds like a really good phone. I’ve been wondering if I should get it or not and this makes me thing that maybe I should! (aside from the fact that there isn’t anything at all wrong with my S7 edge haha!)

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