The Battle Of The Brows

When it comes to brows I need all the help I can get!!!  I have been using lots of different brow products and pencils for years.  I decided I would share my best findings with you all.  Lets be honest eyebrows can completely change your look whether you are going for a soft everyday look or a glam evening look.



Nyx Micro Brow Pencil – My absolute favourite product is this micro brow pencil by NYX.  As it has a fine point it means you can be very precise where the product is applied.  Its more of a soft cream texture not like the normal pencils.  I find this is really good for filling in and adding a nice shape to the brows.  It lets you draw individual hair strokes too.  It’s so handy too, how you have the pencil and spool in one.  The shades I use in this are Taupe and Chocolate



BPerfect Brow Kit – This kit is amazing! You get 3 stencils (which I have used over and over again), powder and a double ended brush.  This powder definitely lasts all day, it is smudge proof and sweat proof, I have even worn it into the swimming pool when on holiday.  I have found the stencils so handy when I am in a rush, they are not too flimsy so stay in place, I have LOADS of makeup brushes but alwayfound the brush supplied to Be Perfect for this kit, no pun intended 🙂 Also this kit has lasted me over a year and I have used it ALOT.  Bperfect have kindly given us a discount code which can be used to purchase this brow kit for a limited time only.  Please find the link to the brow kit and use code june20 for 20% off.  



Revolution Eyebrow Pomade – I used this more last week when we where away for a few days.  It is one I forget about sometimes. I think the colour is a little dark for me with my hair being lighter.   The consistency is a little thicker but it does have great lasting power.  I find it easy to blend out too. Very little is needed so this product will also last ages!






Primark Brow Pencil – If you have thicker brows naturally this product would be good for you.  Unlike the micro brow pencil by NYX this one is thicker and maybe not as precise for applying.  Having said that I still love it.  For £2 you are getting the brow pencil, powder and spool.  Just thinking about it this would be great to carry in your handbag to touch up for an unexpected evening out after work.




I hope you enjoyed reading about the different brow products, feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below.  Or comment to let me know what you favourite brow products are.


Until Next Time

Emma Louise xxx


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