I hope you all had a wonderful new year and enjoying January so far. I decided to answer these January tag questions below on the blog tag.

Happy new year! How did you welcome the year in?

We never really make a fuss on New Year’s Eve.  We mostly bring in the new year at home watching the fireworks and eating some goodies. 

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? Share them!

Not really, I usually do the near years healthy eating and get fit resolution, but I feel when you do them as a new year’s resolutions you never really stick to them (or at least I don’t lol).  Although I want to make some changes this year and make time for me.

Are you feeling motivated now the new year has been and gone?

Yes absolutely. 

Name one thing you want to smash this year in terms of blog goals?

I want to aim for 1 blog post a week and keep up to date with social media.  I want to be relatable to my followers (although I hate the term followers as I see them more as friends, even though I don’t know everyone personally).

What do you want to achieve in everyday life?

I want to be happy and feel good about life.  I also want to be motivated and be as productive as I can.

What are you not looking forward to this year?

I lost my dad very suddenly, so I am not looking forward to spending this year without him.

Share with us some of your inspirations. They could be bloggers/influencers, books or even just quotes.

I love the book “the secret” I also love listening to self-help audible books.

My Favourite quotes are – Focus on a better future rather than an unfortunate past

Think big, Start Small.  But most of all, start.

Leave a comment below and let me know your resolutions.

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